Day in the life

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Day in the Life

Full Day

I’ll arrive just before your kids are waking up for the day. It takes a little time for everyone to get used to me being there, and I like to introduce myself when things are still quiet so we can take our time. I’ll follow you around throughout your day. If you’re running errands, going to lessons, just hanging out at home, it all works just fine for me. I will be there all day. I typically leave when you’ve put your children to bed for the night. It sounds exhausting, but for you and your family it’s just another day. I require nothing special other than you save a plate and place for me at meal time. You don’t have to be on your best behavior, or stay pretty all day. If someone is having a tantrum, crying, laughing, screaming, running, it’s all expected and it’s all okay. Your biggest surprise will be how much your kids enjoyed having someone, who exercises no authority, follow them around with a camera all day.


Half Day

A half day is just as it sounds. You decide if you’d rather have the first half or the second half of your day documented and we’ll go from there. Breakfast until the end of lunch, or lunch to bedtime whichever works best for you.


Fresh 48

A fresh 48 is split in to two sessions if you’re giving birth outside of the home. If you’re giving birth inside your home, splitting the session is an option but we can also just do a full 4 hours all at once. Typically I arrive at the hospital with in 24 hours of your baby being born. If possible we schedule that time when family is coming to meet the baby for the first time so I can be there to capture it. The second session is bringing the baby home. Those first few hours introducing your new family member to their home are memories you will want to hold on to forever.


Documentary Weddings

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Documentary Weddings

I book an extremely limited amount of documentary weddings each year. Please contact me for more details.


Your everyday is beautiful exactly the way it is.