Q. Should we plan to be busy on the day you come?

A. I realize that no one wants photos of their kids playing on their tablets and their spouse watching TV for hours on end. I don’t want you to plan things specifically to photograph. Running through a meadow of sunflowers for instance would probably not be part of your routine. That being said, if there’s things you like to do together that are not out of the norm, feel free to do them. Also just living life is fine. Kids playing, doing laundry, running to the grocery store, going out for ice cream. Don’t do anything specifically for the camera but feel free to plan a reasonably active day. If you try and do too much a collective melt down may occur around 4pm and that can be exhausting for everyone.


Q. What should we wear?

A. Whatever you would normally wear. If the kids walk around in their underwear normally, then in their underwear they shall be.


Q. What if my kid has a melt down and I don’t really want photographs of that

A. I will always be respectful of what you want. These are after all your photographs and in the end if you don’t love them, there is no point. While I hope to have full access to the good the bad and ugly of your day, I understand if that’s not something you’re interested in. If your child tends to be more amicable at a certain time of day, perhaps a half day session is best so we can work around that. Typically if the door is open, I will photograph and assume access. If at any point a door is closed, I will repeat the privacy of whoever is on the other side.


Q. What do we do with the photos?

A. Printed photographs are extremely important to me and because of that, all full day in the life sessions come with a photo book and half days come with a print credit towards fine art prints for your walls. If the photos live on your computer alone, then they have not realized their purpose. It’s important to me that you and your family hold the photos in your hands.


Q. What if we have places we have to be, do you come with anywhere?

A. There are certain places I’m not going to be allowed to photograph for privacy reasons. For example, hospitals tend to have very specific rules about what can and can’t be photographed. If there are special places we need to go, I always ask the family to call ahead and ask. Most public places are not an issue.


Q. Do you take breaks?

A. I periodically may grab a snack from my bag, and I’ll eat meals with you because no one really wants to be photographed with food in their mouth anyway. I won’t be constantly clicking away at every second but other than meals I’ll have my camera on my neck and ready to go all day long.

Got another question? Let me know!