Single Session

A single, online video mentoring session is 2 hours long and we can go over anything you’d like to cover. Toning, Editing, or Shooting it’s your choice. The price for a single 2 hour session is $250.00

4 Sessions

Four 2 hour sessions can be spread out over a period of 5 months if you’d like, or they can be grouped closer together. I find that many of my students like to sit with the information we’ve discussed and take time to implement what they’ve learned before meeting again. Each session is entirely lead by what you would like to work on. At the beginning of our mentorship we’ll set some goals to keep us on track. The price for 4 sessions is $800.00

6 Sessions

Six 2 hours sessions. This is just an extension of the 4 session mentorship but allows us to be working consistently for half the year or a little longer depending on how you want to space your sessions out. 6 sessions is $1,000.00