“Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.”
– Sally Mann


Family Photography

It’s really a gift we give our children. When I was small we had these vinyl photo albums. They live at my mother’s house now, but there was a time when someone would mention a past relative, or event and, it would inevitably bring out one of the books. You had to hold them flat so any loose photos, or pages that had been ripped from the binder didn’t fall out. If one book was brought out, they would all come out. While one person searched for the photo that would remind them of whatever we were discussing, the rest of us would pair up and start flipping through the other albums. No matter how many times I saw those photos, I always learned something new or saw something I hadn’t seen before. I knew what my grandmother looked like when she was young. I knew who my uncle was even though the divorce happened before I was born. These weren’t studio posed photographs. We didn’t have money and access to that back then. You saw people and how they lived. I saw the house my mom grew up in. I could see my grandfathers mannerisms. When I take my kids to my moms house, they look through the photos. They point and ask all the same questions I asked when I was their age. But then they have one new question “Why don’t we have these for our family?”  We do, but not nearly as many as I would like or as we should.

Why Not Now?

Well, we all have reasons don’t we? Is your house in tip top shape? Shouldn’t you get new carpet first, or paint the cabinets? Are you photo ready? I have a secret to tell you, your kids don’t care. It’s more than the fact that they don’t care, they actually love their lives exactly the way they are right now. They’re not unhappy with your home, they don’t love Dad less because he put on an extra 10lbs since baseball season ended. All of these things that concern you about having photos taken in your house are meaningless compared to the images you’ll have when it’s all over and done with. My name is Nicki Navarro and I want to document your crazy, loving, messy, brilliant, hilarious, family and I want to do it in your loving home.


Day in the Life Projects

You may be wondering how this all works. It’s pretty simple, I come for either a full day, or a half day and follow your family around. You get to just be you. Dress the way you always dress, do the things you always do and I’ll just come along for the ride. I won’t tell you to stand here, or put you hand there. I won’t ask anyone to smile. In fact, you’ll most likely hear me tell your children they don’t have to smile, as they instinctively flash their teeth at me when they see my camera. Unless I see a portrait that I just have to make, you’re going to feel more like you have a friend over, hanging out for the day, than a photographer who’s been hired to take your family photographs. I don’t care if you’re house isn’t modern, or if you have a big dog. I won’t judge you if there’s a pile of laundry on the couch. If you have to do the grocery shopping, I’ll come along. Swim lessons? I’m there. Just playing around the house is fine too. It’s not as much about what you’re doing, it’s more about the ever changing milestones and the fleeting moments I’m there to capture.

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